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A blog for all the tall people out there. Cause it's different being tall.

About Us -
Ebony - 6'3". I made this blog because its hard being tall and i wanna know about other tall people out there!
Zaneta - 5'11", possibly taller (lol). So alot of people don’t like being tall (mostly girls) but its okay to be tall :D Short people arent all that. I use to not like it because guys would make fun of me and say its not attractive but w.e theres alot of guys out there who loooooooove tall women! So I just started to ignore them!

Talk to us anytime, on here or on our personal blogs. We can give advice, answer questions, or just talk cause it's nice talking to somebody who understands what you go through :)
Kim Glass
6’2” 1/2

Kim Glass

6’2” 1/2

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